Webinar 2-Part Series – Accelerating Innovation!

Thursday, March 8, 2pm ET : “Clearing Up the Fuzzy Front End”

Thursday, April 5, 2pm ET : “Translation Through Iterative Design”

 Hosted by InsightsNow: Dave Lundahl, CEO & Karen Lynch, Senior Director of Qualitative Insights

The essential need for speed-to-market response in today’s consumer-driven marketplace has compelled a shift from traditional step-by-step development processes to innovation approaches that incorporate a lean mindset, design thinking, and rapid prototyping. But being lean and agile to support successful innovation efforts does not mean cutting corners, it means you are being smarter in getting to market faster with lower investment.

How do you do shift your research and innovation efforts to be agile, fast and affordable, while still effectively exploring, ideating and executing on your idea, product or service?

In this two-part series of WebinarsNow, you’ll learn about:

  • Agile approaches to innovation and how these differ from classical processes
  • Iterative, cooperative research methodologies functioning as “learning sprints” and “feedback loops”
  • Case studies delving into these behavioral research approaches

Innovations in research methodology have been proven to help innovation teams more quickly know how to target, design and develop for a more rapid market response. Join us to be inspired to shift your mindset and revisit the way you drive your innovation pipeline to success.

See how you can accelerate successful innovations through behavioral research in this video.

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Webinar: Divining 2018 – The Year of the Clean Label

New Year’s Resolutions and other Learning from Clean Label Enthusiasts

What kind of trade-offs are they willing to make?

Date:   Thursday, February 8,  2 pm ET

Dave Lundahl, President 

It’s January and everyone is still trying to live into their new resolutions.   As we move into 2018, we were curious about how the behavior of "free-from" consumers will manifest in the New Year—consumers looking for food and personal care products with simple, healthy, "clean-label" ingredients. We've taken a look at their New Year Resolutions, and forward even further into the year, and want to share some insights and tips for future proofing your business in light of these insights.

In this webinar, you'll learn about:

  • This quickly growing consumer segment, which we call "Clean Label Enthusiasts"
  • What's happening now and what's on the horizon, so you can plan and adjust accordingly
  • Upcoming and current purchasing behaviors toward product categories
  • Research approaches to learn what trade-offs these consumers will accept

Please join us for 30 minutes on February 8th to learn ways to keep your business ahead of the trends. Presenter and InsightsNow CEO, Dave Lundahl, will share some of the newest insights into this leading edge segment's behavior and how you can apply this research approach to your innovation and marketing challenges.

We hope to see you there,
The Team at InsightsNow                                           

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Webinar: Binge Watching Consumers

Binge Watching Consumers!

Using Online Immersive Research to Reveal Unexpected Human Truths

You’re invited to join us for 30 minutes on December 5th to learn more about: Binge Watching Consumers! Using Online Immersive Research to Reveal Unexpected Human Truths.

Following an online bulletin board project is indeed a bit like viewing multiple episodes of a television series on repeat. The complicated content engages us, emotionally charged stories engross us, and our empathy offers us great perspective. We’re hooked. Well… many of us are.

We are hooked because online immersive research approaches provide the behavioral insights you need to know about your consumers, so your products and messages are more relevant and meaningful, which in turn makes you more successful in market! 

Are you still unconvinced that devouring hours of consumer insights might not be as desirable as a day with The Gilmore Girls? In this December webinar, you will learn how online, immersive, bulletin-board-style research will help you:

  • Overcome internal challenges that make you feel like a cast member of an award-winning fantasy television series.
  • Get an ethnographic glimpse into humankind, human behavior, people’s unique lives and their wonderful connections, much like you gain watching a particular critically acclaimed television comedy-drama.
  • Learn what to expect from the analyses of an online bulletin board and how the insights gleaned can set you up to beat the competition, like the characters in a Netflix Original series.

We do hope you’ll join us. After all, “Online is the New In-Person,” and after our webinar, you’ll be able to see if you correctly guessed the three TV series that mirror each of the three research challenges we’ll be addressing.

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Webinar: Clean Label Enthusiasts

Going Clean Label? Make Faster, More Informed Behavior-Based Decisions

Take a look at the "why" behind the latest food trends, and what to do about it!

Date:   Presented Thursday, November 2,  2 pm ET, 

Dave Lundahl, CEO, InsightsNow

 Noel Anderson, Managing Partner, Mosaic Food Advisors

Clean Label Enthusiast

Are you considering developing or modifying products to "clean-up" ingredient labels?

Heightened consumer “sensitivities” toward ingredients and clean labels is rapidly impacting
buying behavior. This “free-from” food movement poses many challenges to the food industry—
requiring new insights to know how to respond.

To meet this challenge, InsightsNow has established a community of Clean Label Enthusiasts- those consumers underlying the free-from movement.  Tapping into this community we have learned much about the whys underlying this movement.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Key challenges as a food manufacturer in making the right decisions in the face of the free-from food movement.
  • New learnings about Clean Label Enthusiasts - what behaviors distinguish them, and why they act as they do.
  • How you can gain access to this community to speed up decision making for claims and ingredient label design, and for product design and product development.

Please join us for a webinar that will share new opportunities to ride the trend successfully by zeroing into the heart of the market with sharper focus.


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Uncover New Insights in Your Next Product Study – Easy “Add-Ons” to Amplify your next CLT or HUT

Please join us for the next 1st Thursday WebinarsNow™ presentation.

Date & Time:   October 5, 2017      2:00 PM EDT

Uncover New Insights in Your Next Product Study
Easy Add-Ons to Amplify your next CLT or HUT

If you are ready to develop products which pass validation and are more successful in market, then it is time to improve your product studies with some simple amplification techniques to driver greater insights.

Watch Webinar recording
Continue reading “Uncover New Insights in Your Next Product Study – Easy “Add-Ons” to Amplify your next CLT or HUT”

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Webinar: Uncover New Insights in Your Next Product Study – Easy “Add-Ons” to Amplify your next CLT or HUT

Please join us for the next 1st Thursday WebinarsNow™ presentation.

Date & Time:   October 5, 2017      2:00 PM EDT

Uncover New Insights in Your Next Product Study
Easy Add-Ons to Amplify your next CLT or HUT

If you are ready to develop products which pass validation and are more successful in market, then it is time to improve your product studies with some simple amplification techniques to driver greater insights.Watch Webinar recording

This webinar will showcase three simple ways you can creatively take you beyond what is typically done in CLTs and HUTs—and these new amplifications don’t require a more lengthy or costly process!

  • Leverage consumer emotions,
  • Implement targeted interviewing techniques, and
  • Utilize video and pictures.

By adding on deep-dive techniques, you will learn more about your consumer, your product development decisions, your product issues, and your post-launch chance for success — all while having more fun with your research.

Presenters:   Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer 


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The Free-From Food Movement: Insights, Trends and Challenges

Making business decisions for clean label ingredient development and product positioning

Please join us for our new WebinarsNow series.

Co-presenters:   David Lundahl, CEO and Sarah Kirkmeyer, Senior Director, Client Partnerships
We have seen free-from food buying behavior grow exponentially among various consumer groups—including millennials—in recent years.  As this trend in the food marketplace continues a growth trajectory, food and beverage manufactures, ingredient companies and retailers are working to respond. Consumer research provides the basis for sound business decisions when faced with these kinds of behavioral shifts in this space, and helps us identify and act upon food fads and trends.

During this webinar we will explore questions such as:

  • Should more new clean label products be brought to market?
  • Can existing products be reformulated in response to trends?
  • What ingredients are most impacted by free from buying behavior?
  • How should brands and products look at positioning for this movement?
  • What consumer groups, like millennials, are most susceptible to these trends?

This webinar was presented live September 7, 2017, but you can stream the recording after registering.

Watch Webinar recording

And we know there are even more business challenges out there surrounding the free-from food movement, so it’s survey time – this time for you instead of your consumers!

Go HERE to complete the survey.  Initial results were presented  September 7, but we still want to here from you.   We'll update and present newer responses in a later post along with current consumer behavioral research on this subject.  Please join us!            

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Your Feedback on Free-From Food -Seeking Input into Clean Label Decision-Making

by Dave Lundahl


Consumer “sensitivities” toward food ingredients is rapidly impacting consumer behavior in what and why consumers buy.   The “free-from” food category is now growing faster than organic. Our recent consumer behavioral research shows that about half of millennials have beliefs about ingredients that food scientists and nutritionists disagree with.  Yet, the beliefs and attitudes from these consumers cannot be ignored.  So, how do you respond? Continue reading “Your Feedback on Free-From Food -Seeking Input into Clean Label Decision-Making”

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Uncovering the Human Behind the Behavior:

Modernizing your qualitative approach

Please join us for the launch of our new WebinarsNow series.

Date & Time:   Aug 3, 2017      2:00 PM EDT

Not all innovations are methodological.  Sometimes, the innovation is in how you see the world.  In this webinar you will learn about how a modern approach to qualitative research …

  • Creates empathy and understanding of the human journey with insights into the on-ramps and off-ramps of behavior
  • Defines in-context motivators and emotional triggers behind buying and use behavior
  • Uncovers new perceptions which ensure products and services excite and delight

We will also share two real world examples using modern qual to help generate deep and unique insights — that, in turn, help you create the perfect product fit at every stage of the buying cycle.  Shift into the future with a modern qualitative mindset!

Presenters:   Greg Stucky, Chief Research Officer and Karen Lynch, Sr. Director Qualitative Research

Watch Webinar recording

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Continue reading “Uncovering the Human Behind the Behavior:”

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